PRAT®. Professional Rope Access Technician®. Industrial Rope Access. Autorisation og uddannelse. Authorization and education PRAT®. Professional Rope Access Technician®. Industrial Rope Access.

(Professional Rope Access Technician®)
- The professional standard for
Industrial Rope Access -

PRAT®-authorized Rope Access technicians.

The PRAT®-authorization has a validity of three years.
Below you'll find an alphabetic list of persons presently holding a valid PRAT
The list is consists of
- name of the authorized persons in alphabetic order,
- date of authorization-expiry and
- authorization number.
These informations can also be found on the Identification-card of the authorized person.
Only persons with a valid and upheld PRAT
®-authorization can befound on this page.
Persons with an expired or otherwise invalid PRAT
®-authorization are not allowed to do rope access work, claiming to be following or otherwise referring to the PRAT®-authorization!

All numbers without a letter in front of their authorization number, shows persons with a full PRAT
®-(Supervisor) -authorization
Persons with a W in front of their authorizationnumber only holds a PRAT
®-Worker-authorization and therefore MUST work together with a fully authorized PRAT®-Supervisor.

Date of expiry of the PRAT®-autorization (Last valid day)
(W foran nummere står for PRAT®-Worker).
Christian Almer 6. maj 2018 112
Lasse B. Andersen 31. januar, 2017 W242**
Søren Nymand Andersen 11.april, 2017 247
Lars Arentsson 3. juni, 2019 W271**
Nicklas Bergström 4. marts, 2019 W269**
Torben S. Christiansen 26. marts, 2017 W244**
Peter Dahlmann 26. september, 2017 W261**
Daniel Davidsen 4. november 2019 W272**
Jakob Ehmsen 26. september, 2017 W254**
Peter Eriksson 4. marts, 2019 W264**
Mads Fabricius-Schmidt 3. juni, 2019 w270
Michael Gullvert 13. november 2016* 181
Freddy Gunnarsson 8. september, 2020 W273**
Eske Hansen 4. marts, 2019 W267**
Ronni Kølleskov Hansen 29. november 2016 W241**
Janus B. Holm 11. april, 2017 248
Jørgen M. Jensen 27. februar 2018 W260**
Catalin Lascu 20. juni, 2017 W257**
Ramund Arge Malmberg 31. januar, 2017 223
Johan Mårtensson 4. marts, 2019 W265**
Christian Thomas Nejrup 17. april 2018 W263**
Jakob S. Nielsen 17. april 2018 259
Bjarne Olsen 11. april, 2017 W246**
Peder E. Pedersen 11. april, 2017 249
Peter M. Pedersen 24. januar, 2017 W250**
Eyal Peleg 26. september, 2017 W255**
Rickard Persson 26. september, 2017 W253**
Roberto Reinoso 29. november, 2016 W243**
Stephan Rouvillain 26. september, 2017 W256**
Ricardo Sanchez 4. marts, 2019 W268**
Frederik Simon 13. november 2016* 161
Rasmus V. Simonsen 17. april 2018 W262**
Henning Sommer 7. november, 2017 W258**
Peter. E. Vilhelmsen 4.marts, 2019 245
Bjarke Wahlquist 31. januar, 2017 225
Viktor Wallgren 4. marts, 2019 W264**
Mikael Ylinen 9. august, 2016 W240**
* PRAT®-Rope Access Technicians with a * after their date of expiry have elected to participate in the bi-annual TMA (Training, Maintenance and Approval) -meetings to keep updated and in touch and to maintain their authorization.

This means ao., that such a PRAT-technician gets comments to and apporval of his logbook and incident-reports every half year.
Futhermore he is being trained to new techniques as well as being updated on new equpment, knowledge and practices.
Finally it's being checked, that routine and skills are living up to standard.
Last updated:
4th of June, 2016.

What can a PRAT®-technician do:

A PRAT®-(Rope Access Technician)-Supervisor) is authorized to do all kinds of rope access, including the following tasks, together with another PRAT®-Supervisor or a PRAT®-Worker....:
- make a Job Hazard Analysis, including both risk-assessment and rescueplans,
- make and use both incidentreports and logbooks,
- construct amd use both simple and complicated anchors and belaystands,
- construct and and use both simple and complicated lowerable systems,
- supervisere colleagues, both with the same authorization and with a PRAT®-Worker -autorization,
- perform both simple and complicated rescues of a colleague and of course
- perform both simple and complicated rope acess work.
A full PRAT®-authorization (PRAT®-Supervisor) consists of 2 days written test and field evaluation which is done with external censorship.
PRAT®-Worker evaluation is a part of this.

A PRAT®-Worker do rope access work together with or supervised by a PRAT®-Supervisor.
A PRAT®-Worker can...
- use incidentreports and logbooks,
- make simple and complicated anchors and belaystands,
- construct and and use simple lowerable systems,
- do simple rescues of a colleague and of course
- perform rope acess work.
A PRAT®-Worker authorization consists of 1 day of written test and field evaluation which is done with external censorship.
A PRAT®-Worker is marked with a "W" in front of the authorizationnumber, both in the above list and in the ID-card of the worker.

timeconsuming and expensive
Simple, flexible, fast and cheap
The use of PRAT®-technicians usually means major practical advantages and not least major savings in relation to work done in ie. skylifts, cranes and scaffolds etc., particularly in difficultly accessable places.
Rope Access offers a flexible, fast and cost-effective way to do jobs, which would otherwise be much more time-consuming, expensive or impoosible by ordinary means.

Below you can download standards etc. for the PRAT®-authorization:

Downloadable as a pdf-document.
Pdf-documents can be read with Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free here:

Download th PRAT®-standard:

Please feel free to contact us for further information etc:
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